Mini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

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Product features:
The same design as real cigarette, new function
No tobacco, no burning, no tar and no air polluting
No cancerous substances, no ashtrays, and no horrible smells
Can blow a cloud, the same way to smoke as normal cigarette
Meets the craving for tobacco, refresh yourself
Helps to quit smoke from harmful way
Simply recharge by plug into any available USB port
Comes with 10 refills of marlboro flavor
Note: The Marlboro words may not appear on the pack.
Color: White with Yellow
Package contents:
1 x electronic cigarette case with built-in rechargeable battery
1 x cartridge
10 x refills
1 x USB charger
This cigarette is initially designed for male users, female users should also be welcome
People unfit for use: juveniles, pregnant woman
Storage: Indoor temperature, leave unexposed, tight lid seal